The newly-formed band Allweather from San Diego, California (Imperial Valley punks) released a demo for the Fall of 2017 "Home Is Where You Make It." Tune in below and look out for local shows from the Allweather. 

Not Here by Modern Color

A couple of days ago the band Modern Color took the social media sites to announce they have signed with the independent record label Other People Records from Los Angeles California. With the new beginnings comes new music. Modern Color will be releasing "Time Slips Behind Us" on October 13th via Other People Records who also premiered a new single and music video for the song "Not Here." If I could review the song; it is everything you want to hear by Modern Color. Stoked for the new album and for the Fall. For now check out other artist signed to Other People Records and enjoy the music. 

Late Night Diner

Get your podcast fix and listen too Late Night Diner. Late Night Diner - Episode 1 featured a nice interview with Raquel Calderon of Che Cafe with a little backstory on the La Jolla based DIY venue. Check out Late Night Diner and look out for future episodes by Danielle Leonard and Michael Kelly.  MORE PODCAST!!! 

Peace In Terror

If you want to talk about work Peace In Terror straight out of San Diego put in work. Peace In Terror released a nice set of visuals for the song Slow Death (West Coast Hardcore) off the Death Coast CD; released back in March (listen below via bandcamp). The video takes you through the days of peace as they walk through the valley of the shadow of slow death. Kudos. 


Good music for hard times by Headstone from San Diego, California. The band brings a breath of fresh air on the new album Selfless Soil, World Alone. All tracks from Remission to Cotton are seemingly produced to tug on one's heartstrings. Topsoil, Sovereign Spirit and the last few seconds of Nature will have one dancing and hugging their friends(haha). Headstone will be playing shows in supports of of the new album, check out Selfless Soil, World Alone below via bandcamp. Peace! 

Dream Haze

The band formally known as Headchange had to go through a not so drastic change of moniker. Now going by the name Dream Haze; the sound remains the same. Dream Haze released the new single Idle off their sophomore release Wisher (Tracklist below) out July 29th. Check out the video for Idle below and look out for upcoming release show from the band Dream Haze. 

*Wisher out now 

Mensis - Life Is A Nightmare

Summer is officially here thanks to the people over at Chugcore Promotions premiering the debut EP Life is A Nightmare by Mensis (San Jose, California). We all have been waiting for this release since the Hang The Fratboy teaser. This record like most Chugcore exclusives is insane. Fast riffs, heavy basslines, and Fuck Yous! Check out more sick releases at and stay updated for future releases from artist from all over. You can listen to Mensis "Life is a Nightmare" below via Chugcore's bandcamp. Fuck Yea! 

When The Money Comes

Feeling lively with sounds by Sounds. First listen I said to myself this sounds different than the Leverage EP (Late is one of my favorite songs). Upon my research it all started to make sense. Noticing Sounds Of Satellites were on a hiatus, with hints and stints on the bands FB page about rumors of the band. Around March the talented Chance Espinoza like many musicians had to keep the music going, creating his own side project and releasing the single "Beehive." More rumors started to speculate on what was going on with Sounds. Chance took FB and stated "I've felt so many ways about it for the past eight months. After that time, I've come to the resolution that sounds does indeed exist and that there is a future that includes more music and more shows." Which he explains in more detail on his podcast Doin' It With Chance (check it the awesome podcast on itunes). Ok!fast forward to June 2017 Sounds released a new song called When The Money Comes with another explanation by Espinoza "I originally put out this song in December under my own name because I thought sounds was over. With some hindsight (and mostly conversations with close friends) I admitted that this was undoubtedly a sounds song. I took it down for a time so I could rerelease it the way it should've been--as sounds." With that like most bands and personal experience, we all have trials and tribulations and sometimes forget what is important in life and what truly brings us joy and fulfillment. This all makes sense now, if you enjoy good music and just want to get away with some sounds, listen to Sounds. Remember why you have the hammer in your hand and get through the wall. 

Doin' It With Chance

Doin' It With Chance

Sacred Fire

Glad this is up and running so we can listen to music that is fire like Sacred Fire from Los Angeles, California. Making noise to the forefront with their live performances and killer fast riffs; soon the fire will spread and you will be within the pit(haha). From playing house shows, parking lots, and venues to recently playing a sick show with locals in Frontside; to recently announcing hitting the road with Refuse this July(tour dates below). Fuck! Strap on your dance shows because Sacred Fire and Refuse are going to bring the fuego. Sacred Fire have been working hard and playing shows in supports of these songs with hints of new music to be released. Got to give it up to this band, fuck a radar just listen to good music by Sacred Fire. 

Safe Inside Records

Low key I've been waiting for this release to come out in a digital format. Now for those who don't own a record player in 2017, this is for you. Thank you hardcore god! Safe Inside Records released a split by Nerve Control (National City) and  Remain In Vain (Chula Vista). A record with nothing but fast pounding beats and fun antics is now re-available. You can find the split at ReAnimatedRecords and all throughout the southern parts of California. Safe Inside Records have some exciting things soon to be released. Nerve Control will be hitting the road this July with Tijuana's own Bonebreaker. Check out more details and information from some great artist and releases at   

Low Standards

Speaking of Activist. Lets touch bases on the Low Standards Split released back in April from two insanely sick with it bands. The bands Activists (OC) and Pacifists (Santa Rosa) released six songs to groove to. Straight fire from both spectrums and heavy powerful instrumentation coming out for our entertainment. Luckily you can listen to all songs below via worldwide internet. Check out the Low Standards EP and listen to Activist and Pacifists. 

Rotten Mind

Rotten Mind by Victimized representing San Diego, California. SD hardcore can stand up with this one. Straight up banda music that will have you dancing. With features from a couple southern locals (Nick from Peace In Terror & Jake from Activist) this is some downtempo for the ears. Victimized will be out playing shows in supports of the record. Take a dip into the Rotten Mind of Victimized and listen to it on all your favorite music sites. 

Every Day I Die More

All time lows are always good. The outcome of creation can be something like "Every Day I Die More" by the band Sentiment from Temecula, California. I was sold on the tracks Internal Antics and EDIDM. The mood differs on these two tracks as the band explains that members hit a all time low in their lives. Sentiment will be out playing shows in supports of Every Day I Die More. Listen to it on all your favorite music sites.  

Lucid by Quiet

Been quiet for quite a while but haven't quit; thanks to the music by QUIET. 

Lucid - Quiet 

A whole new paradigm shift with a new wave of sounds coming from the band Quiet from California. Lucid is the latest track released by the band Quiet since Empty (Abandon) and from the upcoming EP out later this year. Keeping the same approach with the killer sounds; Lucid is one way to comeback. QUIET will be hitting the road this summer with Modern Color (tour dates below). Check out LUCID below and listen to QUIET on all your favorite music sites. Enjoy. 

Dumb/These Old Things/Heaven

Three songs for the ages (inhales exhales) from El Centro, California by Great Days. 

Great Days - Great Days 

Cesar, Abraham and Arturo give us Great Days. Recorded a couple years back "now seemed like the perfect time to put them out." Most of the readers from the valley know of the band Great Days. If [you] are reading this [you] know the first time hearing these songs; wherever [you] were, whatever year it was; it will remain a beautiful memory. Great Days is a band formed of friendship and love. This is what we call the soundtrack of our home. Thank you GREAT DAYS.   

Dead Heat

Oh Oxnard for the day listening to some traditional California coast HC by Dead Heat (Oxnard, CA).

Access Denied/S.E.E.D. - Dead Heat

Dead Heat have been on the uprise for quite a while playing shows all up and down the coast. Two fast tracks that will get you half ways there; released earlier this year. If you feel like walking down the 805 tune in to some Dead Heat below.   

Viva Batwings

Fuck! This made the week that much better with new music from Batwings (San Diego, CA). 

Fronterror - Batwings

Batwings dropped a record from left field. A quote from the band states "Orginally planned for release in 2014, this record is finally available to the public." Sweet!! It is refreshing to hear the sounds of Batwings. The band is playing their first show in over two years on May 8th at Space; for their good friend Sonny Kays (album cover art) art book release show. You can stream Fronterror below via bandcamp.