Rest Easy by Barrio Slam

Never be afraid to raise your voice like Pomona's Chicano Hardcore - Barrio Slam. Barrio Slam speak for all us in the new record. Topping off January Barrio Slam blessed the streets with Rest Easy EP. Five songs that will have you throwing PUTASOS Y BALAZOS. Shit will have you in a kick. Check out Rest Easy on the camp. 

Carnero Negro

The debut EP by Mexicali's Carnero Negro premiered last summer and I still can't get over the intro. Carnero Negro is a newly formed band from la ciudad de Mexicali, Baja California. The new album is filled with fast riffs (yes I said riffs, fuck you) and perfectly shaped change ups for example in the personal favorite track "El culto" try and keep up. Bringing along a little bit of noise and some vocalists that have somethings to say. In a not so recent but awesome interview with Molestando Ninos Muertos they covered all the ground & questions that you want to know about Carnero Negro, I really like what M.N.M is doing with coverage of Mexicali's culture. Over the years Mexicali's scene has grown with bands coming and going and the arts has grown exponentially over the years. For those who don't know Mexicali is a huge fucking city and it is our to-go-to getaway for shows or pal baile. Carner Negro's EP is available on bandcamp.

I, Immortal

December releases are always the best because you get to catch up in January (what the fuck does that even mean). Anyways check out new music from I, immortal from the Bay. "Demo" from I, immortal is available on the camp, three little tracks to get you through the day.  


Thanks to a friend of a friend of a friends friend for passing "Atrocities From A Story Book Perspective" for all us to dance too. Sorry if I am San Diego and late but no one talks about SeeYouSpaceCowboy at tower bar. 

Zuko's Sophomore Single "Wanna"

The sophomore video "Wanna" from Eddie Zuko dropped at the peak of New Years along with a message from Zuko and his hittas following the hit song "Made." Accompanied by Neptune giving the track a two-sided story of the come-up which is always interesting to listen too. Produced by Jonny Keyz & Paul Redona also known as the Los Hermanos bringing the smoothness and slaps all together. Not only is the song sick; lets talk the about the visuals which is clearly focused and directed, filmed by their homie Cobian and Zuko himself. You can see their vision heading into the 2018 year. The sophomore video/track is killer Ni Modo! I'm just the critic. Check out the video below as well as future releases from the whole viva crew. 

Thorn by In Spite

One Life Lost by the band In Spite from Los Angeles, California will be out this Friday November 24th. The band recently released the first single "Thorn" off the 7 track record. You can listen and pre-order One Life Lost off their bandcamp. 

Pastel Life by Cotton Ships

Oh the sweet sounds of Cotton Ships steals my heart again just in time for the cold. The return of trumpets,melodies, and beautiful voices in the new album "Pastel Life" by the Gardena, California band. Released back in July [i decided to let it breathe and enjoy it for a moment] after a long year the band stated on their Facebook page "After months of sweating in garages and bedrooms across Los Angeles we give you Pastel Life." The album is an experimental growth all over the record from the acapellas, whistles, samples to that little taste of math rockPastel Life truly takes you away to a softer shade of color. Listen and purchase to Pastel Life on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Cotton Ships are currently enjoying playing these songs live, check them out if you ever get a chance. 


Still riding the train of new music; with that Quiet dropped "Infinite Regress" during last weeks storm of releases. Ambient at its finest quiet nevertheless. 

Valiendo Madre

Valiendo fucking Madre from Baja California need no introduction. Check out the video for "Sangre de Cochi." Listen to "No Tengo" from the Mexicali Sessions. The video is fucking real, captivating the true essence of Valiendo Madre and the art in the intrinsic characters (haha sapone will hate this honest review). The loudest shit coming out of the valley right now in 17.


So much great music coming out of California that will make you appreciate the heavy; Outlier from San Jose is one to name a few. Last week on Friday the 13th South Bay's Modern Color released "Time Slips Behind Us," and the OG's from the OC Stick To Your Guns released "True View." Both killer releases that kicked shit off and it only gets better. It has been no secret that Outlier was set to release "Through A Set Of Rose Shaded Eyes" pressed through Redscare Media who have a nice discography on their built. With Skinwalker being my anthem all summer, the second single Undesirable will make you wish 10.20.17 came soon enough. 


The newly-formed band Allweather from San Diego, California (Imperial Valley punks) released a demo for the Fall of 2017 "Home Is Where You Make It." Tune in below and look out for local shows from the Allweather. 

Not Here by Modern Color

A couple of days ago the band Modern Color took the social media sites to announce they have signed with the independent record label Other People Records from Los Angeles California. With the new beginnings comes new music. Modern Color will be releasing "Time Slips Behind Us" on October 13th via Other People Records who also premiered a new single and music video for the song "Not Here." If I could review the song; it is everything you want to hear by Modern Color. Stoked for the new album and for the Fall. For now check out other artist signed to Other People Records and enjoy the music. 

Late Night Diner

Get your podcast fix and listen too Late Night Diner. Late Night Diner - Episode 1 featured a nice interview with Raquel Calderon of Che Cafe with a little backstory on the La Jolla based DIY venue. Check out Late Night Diner and look out for future episodes by Danielle Leonard and Michael Kelly.  MORE PODCAST!!! 

Peace In Terror

If you want to talk about work Peace In Terror straight out of San Diego put in work. Peace In Terror released a nice set of visuals for the song Slow Death (West Coast Hardcore) off the Death Coast CD; released back in March (listen below via bandcamp). The video takes you through the days of peace as they walk through the valley of the shadow of slow death. Kudos.