Orleans Street by Post Nothing

One minute and 19 seconds of what sounds like fun by the band Post Nothing.

Coming out with a song that is close and personal with one of the members of Post Nothing. "Orleans Street" is a track off the split with In Decline out March 3rd. Released off their bandcamp (postnothing.bandcamp.com) with a nice statement about what the song is about "we wrote this song that tackles something very near and dear to my heart. Namely, ending BI ERASURE. This is something many people don't know by name, but a lot of bi and pan people experience on a daily basis." Why not use your weapon of music to get your word out there. The music is some straight kick-ass hardcore fun and we dig it out here on the 8. Lookout for the release with In Decline for now take a stand with Post Nothing

With that.... Post Nothing also released a set of songs that they released before they were known as Post Nothing. Which is really cool and has nice gems to listen too. The band also states on the their bandcamp (postnothing.bandcamp.com) that most members in the recordings are no longer in the band but they still play the songs live. Catch that. Visit their bandcamp by clicking the link below to read who played what on each track. Any-who IF you like some fun music check out Stray Dogs: The THKH Joints.